5 tips to improve your food photography

Food photography failures.  Chances are you’ve struggled with it, I certainly have.  Frustrated with not seeing any improvement in my foodie photos I sought for help in books, workshops and beautifully captured images by others dedicated to the subject matter.  (Yes, geek alert, I know.)  Then I hit a learning curve.

At around the same time I met fellow foodie and blogger Sumayya of Pukka Paki.  Her insightful site is dedicated to Pakistani cuisine – something I know nothing of and am keen to learn about. We became fast friends fueled by our interests in food, photography and things in between.  She kindly invited me to write a guest post on food photography.  So join me here for 5 tips on how to improve your images of food.  The two dishes I included as examples were based off of Sumayya’s recipe for Prawn Karahi and Coconut & Cinnamon Rice – both deliriously fragant and wonderful to taste, particularly if you like heat.

I hope you find the tips helpful.  If you have your own insights to share I would love to hear them.

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