On location with Marte Marie Forsberg

There were 9 of us, from various parts of Europe, who convened in idyllic Shaftesbury this past Saturday for Marte Marie Forsberg’s food photography workshop. Over hot chocolate and pastries in Marie’s charming English cottage, with the fireplace ablaze and slippers on, she delved into the elements of visual story telling, branding and portfolio building.

While I could have spent all day in that cozy cottage, Marie and her lovely (and hilarious) producer, Zoë Timmers, arranged lunch for us at The Grosvenor Arms, where we were kindly given free range in the restaurant to work on our on location assignment: capture the essence of our surroundings.  And of course, it wasn’t all work and no play, we broke bread and feasted as foodies tend to.



After lunch we stopped by Marie’s local florist, Bright Blooms, for another stab at applying what we learned earlier in the day.  I have to say I was so enamored with the interior of the shop I neglected to capture much of the flowers (mini fail).  If you ever have the chance, stop inside, it will make you swoon.

Back at the cottage we capped off our productive day with a constructive critique of our assignment photos from Marie and before we knew it the workshop had come to an end.  This was perhaps one of the more inspiring food photography workshops I have attended and really cannot thank Marie enough for the generosity in sharing her story and knowledge.  I’ve taken away a book full of notes and wonderful memories of our splendid day in Shaftesbury.


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