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Glow inducing dishes by Madeleine Shaw

I’m in Boston over the next two weeks visiting friends, family and a few old favorite hot spots.  Feel free to join me on my escapades on Instagram.  Today I’ll leave you with a few images from a recent photoshoot.

London ramen chronicles: Tonkotsu in Soho

When it comes to ramen it’s best to pull your hair back, tilt forward and start slurping… loudly.  Even better, go solo to avoid awkwardness about breaking the western protocol for good table manners or make polite conversation mid slurp. I recently made my way to Dean Street in SoHo, perhaps one of my favorite streets in…

Pizza Rossa :: fueling City workers one slice at a time

I thought I’ve tried it all when it comes to pizza: deep dish, stuffed crusts, pizza bagels and, even, fruit toppings.  Then last week, just outside the bustling Leadenhall Market in the City of London, I was introduced to a base uniquely different to my favored thin crust created by the folks at Pizza Rossa.

An afternoon at the Whitstable Oyster Festival

We ventured to Whitstable, the English seaside town in Kent, on Sunday to partake in the annual week-long Whitstable Oyster Festival.  I visited Whitstable a few years back and loved spending a quiet afternoon by the sea with the Brit.  This time around we were joined by three friends to experience the delicacies and charms of Whitstable.

My experience at Leiths food styling course

Earlier this year, during the darkest of winter months I attended a 7 week food styling course at Leiths School of Food & Wine.  Months later I’m still at odds as to whether I would recommend this course… here’s why.

On food & travel: Aptece food tour of Portugal competition

This post is an entry to the Aptece Food Tour of Portugal competition: “How is food your main reason for traveling and what are your expectations for the food tour?” My curious belly holds a lot of sway when it comes time to decide on a new travel destination.  Research into the country in question typically…

Seafood & summer

If there is a particular group of food that defines summer for me it’s seafood.  Growing up in New England,  a meaty lobster roll with a buttery corn on the cob was never too far from reach.  Nor were east coast oysters, fried clams or crab cakes.  Weekend gatherings for clambakes and BBQs after a few hours…

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