Hi there! I’m Jo, a Boston native who crossed the pond to London in 2011 for a bit of an adventure but mostly for a Brit. Since then I’ve learned how to cook, control my camera and embrace life in London. In 2014 I left an eight year career in financial marketing strategy to become a freelance photographer with a focus on food, travel, and culture. I haven't looked back since.

This blog started from a different place. I recognize that "candids" by Jo is a bit of a misnomer now since most of my work no longer falls in the category of candid photography. What was once a platform for me to share travel photo essays and results of cooking adventures has transitioned into a sturdy home for literary & visual tales of my travels and global food adventures both abroad and in London.

This is my space for sharing creative inspiration and food & travel tips but more than anything I strive to provide a better sense of place with stories from the field through photography, videos and cinemagraphs.

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