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It was 1976 when she and her little brother hopped on a boat overloaded with others to escape the only world she knew to find refuge and opportunity. They eventually made it to the United States but not before reaching Taiwan – only to be turned away – then tried their luck in Japan where they were […]

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  • Mendy

    I loved reading about such a personal connection to the project, one that I’m not sure how I missed before, but makes our impact feel a lot more real and meaningful. Thank you for asking us to take part.

    And you do need to pat yourself on the back a lot more! xxReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Mendy! The reality startled even me when I started allowing myself to relate to what we’re doing.ReplyCancel

  • Sunch a beautiful write-up and a fascinating honest story of your mother. Thank you for bringing us all together to do something meaningful and support a good cause! xReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      Thanks for all the encouragement Sarka, never seriously considered myself as a writer 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Zöé

    Jo! It was so lovely to hear your story. I am encouraged by your drive and focus to help others – I wish I could have been there on the day to support you all. Hopefully next time. Zöé xReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      Thanks so much for your note Zöe, hope you can make it next time! 🙂ReplyCancel

Embracing the art of slow living during the nitty gritty of everyday life is not something I excel at. I’ve never been known to be patient and too often suffer from a bad habit of attempting to cram in three days worth of to do lists into one day – only to be overwhelmed by it […]

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“Do you know how to eat that bread?” he asked from the next table over. I was in the middle of slicing a small tomato to top onto crusty hard bread, so hard that I wondered if it was stale, and in doing so committed a foodie faux pas on one of the most traditional Catalan […]

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  Venice is a photographer’s dream in January. You will find a lull in tourist foot traffic and Venetian women emerging snug in their long fur coats looking regal even when toting around their food trolley full of groceries in Rialto Market. Venetian light is like the texture of a cucumber that has been plucked from an ice bath: crisp and cool but with […]

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  • This is a really interesting perspective on creativity and gives lots to think about. Love to see were you are going with this. Regardless, Its wonderful to see your images of Venice, and I look forward to discussing all of this over a good strong coffee with you soon! Ceri xReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      It’s something that I’ve been mulling over for a while but couldn’t really describe it until now. And yes, we are so overdue for a coffee date! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • That quote by duChemin rings so true, and I’ve been thinking a lot of similar thoughts recently. Sometimes when a photo appears on my IG feed, it could literally have come from 10 different people I follow. No originality. This year I’m focusing on quality over quantity and, as you rightly say, a different perspective. Really looking forward to seeing what you create in 2017 Jo!ReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      Likewise Charlotte. It’s always refreshing to see your work so keep it up!ReplyCancel

Every December I tell myself the same old lies; I would spend the month working only on personal projects, ones that would refill my well of inspiration. I would practice new skills gleaned from the last twelve months and challenge stale notions of making a photograph. I would dedicate time to read books stacked next to […]

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  • Happy New Year lovely!!ReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      And to you Angie! Looking forward to your 2017 travels xReplyCancel

  • I love the cinemagraph!! I would love to do one too. Maybe my goal for 2017 🙂ReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      Thanks! It’s the simplest scene I could think of to try out. You should definitely make one!ReplyCancel

  • darling, Happy 2017! love the images, as always and cinemagraph – all the best for the new year! RReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      Thanks for your support Rosana! Hope you’re having a great start to 2017 xxReplyCancel

  • 2017 is going to be wonderful – especially with a few more of those delicious Miso Caramels…ReplyCancel

    • candidsbyjo

      Oh I’m so glad you liked the caramels – am going to try another batch soon 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Yunjeong Oh

    Hi Jo,
    I’m Yunjeong Oh from South Korea.
    When I’ve searched the cinemagraphs to put the app. I saw your wonderful works which is a cake with firework.

    Do you have the same work by vertical view(1080×1920)?

    I would appreciate it if you gave me an answer.

    Thank you!