See, eat, stay: Reykjavik

For a city that has a reputation for late night parties, Reykjavik has a pretty relaxed and dignified vibe to it.  Iceland’s capital is easily walkable and depending on where you are you can get a panoramic view of the North Atlantic Ocean along with the snow capped mountain behind it.

We based ourselves in Reykjavik for three out of our four nights stay in Iceland but only spent a day in the city since we preferred to explore the martian-like lands outside the capital.  Here’s what I recommend in Reykjavik: Continue reading See, eat, stay: Reykjavik

Afternoon tea :: Sanderson Hotel London

Afternoon tea is an age-old tradition in England that has withstood the fast-paced nature of the modern world and I’m just beginning to understand why.  I’ve always been a coffee and pastry person, it’s quick, casual and satisfying, but as the days seems so much shorter and a to-do list ever longer, I now see the draw of taking the time to enjoy a pot of tea along with a selection of sweet & savory finger foods.  An experience that should always be enjoyed with a friend.

Luna & Curious afternoon tea set Continue reading Afternoon tea :: Sanderson Hotel London

Personal project :: Chinese New Year part 2

Happy Chinese New Year! Or more appropriately, xīn nián kuài lè! On my last post I introduced part 1 of a Chinese New Year photoshoot I worked on with Krissy as a personal project.  It featured a roast duck being prepared for a small new year feast.  The scene was stark and quiet, a mood I’m increasing drawn to and wanted to capture & embrace.  It’s like the calm before the storm but in this case a storm of good tidings and festive gatherings.

For Part 2, the focus is on the meal itself.  This small feast of steamed sea bass with ginger and scallions, chinese greens, roast duck and tong yuan (sweet dumplings) is comprised of some of the dishes that are often served for the lunar new year.  Not coincidentally, they’re also some of my favorite foods. Continue reading Personal project :: Chinese New Year part 2

Personal project :: Chinese New Year – part 1

Madness always ensued on the week leading up to Chinese New Year in my mother’s household. It’s as if someone accidentally flipped a switch for all hell to break loose.  The floors had to be scrubbed spotless, no dust were allowed to form in any corner of the rooms, clutter was banished and the amount of shopping that had to be done could rival a typical Thanksgiving dinner groceries list for 30 guests.  I imagine a lot of Asian households are going through this exasperating yet endearing ritual at this moment.

Since Christmas break I’ve had this idea of a CNY (Chinese New Year) photoshoot swirling in my head. Continue reading Personal project :: Chinese New Year – part 1

Photo essay for Good Things Magazine :: Korea beyond kimchi

Freelancing is a pretty lonely job sometimes.  As much as I LOVE it, I do miss having colleagues from time to time.  Thankfully, every month starting from this past January I have a wonderful group of people I work with for Good Things Magazine, a luxury magazine based on food & travel.  We’re a team consisting of three chefs, a food stylist (myself) and a photographer who work tirelessly for 2 full days to crank out numerous photos for each Good Things issue.  I can’t ask for a more amazing team to work with and even though photography is usually my main focus it’s nice to exercise a different creative muscle and put all my energy into food styling for a few days each month.

The February 2015 issue is out on newstands now so pick up a copy and have a look at some inspired recipes, my favorite might be the Korean sweet pancake, and destination ideas.  Also, this month in the travel section of Good Things Magazine you’ll find a photo essay on Korea by yours truly!  This year I’m getting into printing more of my own work but to see my photos and words printed in a magazine is immensely exciting.  For friends outside of the UK I’ve included a copy of my piece below.  I hope you like it!

Good Things Magazine – Korea beyond kimchi

Quick personal update

It’s just a quick hello for this week as I need a moment to focus on a few projects at hand.  It’s been a wild ride the last two weeks starting off with a quick weekend getaway to Prague, receiving the coveted message from Instagram about being added to their Suggested Users list and starting on a little project that’s a secret-for-now since I won’t believe is happening until it happens. I’ll divulge more details in a few weeks once it goes live.

At present, I’m working on a personal project just in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year.  I really cannot wait to share the photos as this has been a true labor of love with friend & prop stylist, Krissy.  So stay tuned…

p.s. yesterday was the Brit’s birthday.  I made a fine chocolate mocha Maltesers cake but it looks much more appealing with just the mocha frosting.  Hope to find some time to recreate without the chocolate malt balls :)

Chocolate cake with mocha frosting and Maltesers cake

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