Photoshoot :: BerinMade Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Right before 2014 came to a close I had the pleasure of working on a photoshoot for BerinMade’s spring/summer 2015 catalogue. This London-based boutique specialises in fine, ready-made and bespoke stationery. As someone who adores stationery and has a love for handwritten notes I couldn’t wait to work on this project!

We had a great team on hand with Erin, owner of BerinMade as artistic director and Krissy who styled on set. I thought I’d share a few shots from the photoshoot and maybe channel Spring to arrive a bit sooner.BerinMade-Spring-2015-joanna-yee-photography

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Shoot daily photo challenge :: week 3 roundup

The theme for my week 3 shoot daily photo challenge was Perspective.  I enjoyed looking for different view points, ones that I wouldn’t necessarily see if I weren’t actively seeking it.  My motto for the last few days was look up, look down, look all around.  It got me a little dizzy but was well worth the effort :)

After watching Tim’s Vermeer I went to visit London’s National Gallery to have a look at the master’s paintings. I also fell in love with other new favorites such as Van Gogh’s Crab Studies, Pieter de Hooch’s Interior with a Woman Drinking with Two Men and a Maid Servant, Harmen Steenwyck’s Still Life: An Allegory of the Vanities of Human Life and Gerrit Dou’s Poulterer’s Shop. Long story short, I will definitely be returning to the Gallery soon. The shot I chose from my reel that day is of the stairs leading to the Central Hall. I loved the light creeping up the stairs.

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Clean detox 1 day mealplan

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Dr. Junger’s Clean Program detox.  So much so that I dedicated 4 blog posts that explained what it is, why I decided to endure 21 days of eating clean, what the results were and I also shared some of my favorite recipes.  You can access these old posts here:

Clean Detox Part 1 – Intro
Clean Detox Part 2 – Smoothies
Clean Detox Part 3 – Solid meals
Clean Detox Part 4 – Soups

Since my first Clean detox, I basically reverted back to my normal eating habits but have fitted in a one week cleanse here and there.  Lately, I realized I’m due a full detox since the realities of a dark London winter has taken its toll on me, emotionally and physcially.  My lack of energy was even more evident after lunch at around 2:30/3pm, where I consistently felt like I ran into a wall.  It was time to make a few changes. Continue reading Clean detox 1 day mealplan

Shoot daily photo challenge :: week 2 roundup

During week 2 of my shoot daily photo challenge I lacked a bit of motivation.  My work schedule and dreary London weather is partly to blame but mostly I just couldn’t rally and spend an hour each day out in the cold.  The silver lining for me is that I did actually take a photo each day and I tested other functionalities of my camera so… hoorah!

The theme of the week was Fill The Frame which is a great challenge for composition & styling/posing in particular.  I had varying degrees of success with the theme so I might revisit it sometime soon.  Here are the photos from the last 7 days:

So I didn’t exactly fill the frame here since the color of the rose petals are just so striking(blinding).
I was food styling at the Good Things Magazine photoshoot that day. While the photographer was shooting the S’More Millefeuille by Smoke & Salt, I decided to shoot the ingredients instead. And then I ate it :)

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Golden Temple photoshoot

Last November I had the pleasure of shooting some of the signature dishes at Golden Temple.  The restaurant is an old Brookline institution, if you grew up in the area or went to a university in Boston chances are you’ve been there and had a scorpion bowl or three.  In fact, of all the shoots I’ve done my friends were most excited about this commission. Continue reading Golden Temple photoshoot

Shoot daily photo challenge :: week 1 roundup

Rarely am I ever fully surprised.  But on Christmas morning I unwrapped two gifts that rendered me completely speechless.  In one hand I was holding on to a Sony FE 35mm lens and the other clutched the Sony A7r camera.  I couldn’t speak in complete sentences for a good five minutes afterwards.

In light of my new toys I’ve set a challenge for myself to shoot daily for the whole of January.   Continue reading Shoot daily photo challenge :: week 1 roundup

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