In flight on British Airways: Korean islands from the sky

Taken to the sky: in flight views

Annyung haseyo! Konichiwa! Bom dia! Two weeks in Korea & Japan have come & gone ( and my vocab is still no more impressive than hello and thank you :/) and now I’m in the home of port & Potugal’s 2nd largest city: Porto.  I hope to check in on the blog from time to time while I’m on location feasting through Portugal with Aptece and fellow food & travel bloggers.  For regular updates you can find me on Instagram: @candidsbyJo. Continue reading


Island Creek Oyster Bar: my seafood fix in Boston

It seemed I couldn’t scroll through my Facebook or Instagram feed without feeling a pang of seafood envy as friends from New England relentlessly posted photos of meaty scallops, giant buttery steamers and the ever gorgeous sunburnt Maine lobster throughout the summer.  During my two week stay in Boston, loading up on seafood was a high priority.

ICOB assorted east coast oysters

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That time of day, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Visual storytelling with Steller

I’ve been raving about the Steller visual storytelling app on my social media channels over the last two weeks and thought it’s about time I do the same on my blog.  As someone who constantly relies on photos to convey a story you can imagine why I’ve become addicted to Steller & its community.  It’s a wonderful resource for inspiration, memory preservation & information. Continue reading

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